Our ethos at On The Square Emporium is to breathe new life into antiques and vintage furniture , finding new homes and reducing the amount going to landfill. Our products can be used to provide sustainable interior design in your home with sustainable antiques.Antique Store
In addition we upcycle some of the items that come instore to create new purposes for them but  we can also breathe life into your existing furniture using on-premises workshop and upholstery services  – just send a few pictures to info@onthesquareemporium.com and we will come back to you with a quote.
Many of our pieces of furniture have been around for over 100 years and have stood the test of time; built to last – They are just looking for their new home and ready to be around for another 100 years.
So when browsing about for your next purchase for your home – Think Vintage . Think Sustainable. Think On The Square Emporium.

Why buy Sustainable Antiques?

  1.  They are Green ( Sustainable and Eco-Friendly). Antiques are used by generation after generation  , they are the pinnacle of green shopping. Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing vintage and antique.
  2. They are Built to Last. Antique and Vintage furniture is likely to have been made by hand , standing up to 100 years of abuse through family dinners and boisterous children. Any scuffs and imperfections within the wood produce character , unlike the chip in flat pack furniture as you put the last screw in.
  3. They are Ageless. Throwaway culture is too prevalent in society nowadays , but antique furniture offers a solution. Whilst one person may grow tired of a piece of furniture , we find a new home for them. Trends are constantly changing and rather than buy the mass produced replica, shops such as On The Square Emporium offer a sustainable solution.
  4. They reduce Energy. By buying antique and vintage products , we reduce the energy and precious resources spent on new production of flat packed solution.
  5. They are History. Each piece of antique furniture carries years of history within its construction including the manufacturing techniques and their craftmanship.


The Research (According to Auction Technology Group’s Carbon Impact Report)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us , email info@onthesquareemporium.com or call 028 90 434 290.