Cornishware by TG Green

TG Green pottery has been an icon of British kitchens since the 1800s.

Founder Thomas Goodwin Green had humble beginnings creating charming craft pottery that has seen an inspiring journey of growth since then. From the late 19th century, pioneering in traditional manufacturing methods still used today, to the dawn of the instantly recognisable blue and white striped Cornishware design by the turn of the century.

The iconic blue striped design dates back to 1923. By the 1930s the much-loved brand had truly established itself in homes across the UK and Ireland, and all the way to Australia and the USA. It’s impossible to deny the romantic charm of the brand’s identity relating to those stripes – inspired by where the blue Cornish skies meet the white crests of Atlantic waves.

After WWII and into the 1960s saw a resurgence of the brand, with an array of additional colours added to the collection – Cornish Red and Yellow to name but a few.

Throughout the ages TG Green Cornishware has stood the test of time, from mugs to jugs, storage jars to teapots and even striped aprons, it still remains a firmly loved and essential addition to every kitchen.

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