Our recent auction was a Titanic Success , with Original plans of the Titanic are to head to Australia after being snapped up at On The Square Auctions for almost £20,000.

Plans of Titanic

A bit about the piece

This is a rare piece – Original Titanic site navigation plans. They were found in a Harland and Wolff tradesman’s box, passed down to a descendent from Robert Falconer Keith. Robert Falconer was the man who launched the Titanic.

The box sat for many decades unopened and emerged during a clear-out. In amongst old tools was the Titanic plans, with the lovely patina from daily use by tradesmen.These were plans issued to the workers on the Titanic so they could find their way around the ship while they were working on it.

As the ship was not named at the time there is no name on the plans. The plan would be a Gel-Lithograph copy of the original plan thus the red outlines, the condition is as you would expect for something that was carried around in a toolbox and used by workmen to find their way around. Plenty of good wear and tear but still intact and in good condition. As a working navigation plan this has much more character than the standard plans. A rare chance to own a piece of history, this plan almost certainly has been on the Titanic as it was used on the ship to navigate around the hull.
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