Morris & Co.


For over 160 years Morris & Co has been a name synonymous with iconic and patterns and colours derived from the natural world.

One of the 19th century’s most celebrated artists. William Morris is still renowned today as the mastermind behind instantly recognisable prints like ‘Willow Bough’ and ‘Strawberry Thief’ to name just two. William Morris grappled with emulating nature-inspired colours using various pigments and dyes for his wallpaper patterns. Apparently, he had indigo-stained hands due to these experiments. A true master of his craft, rich tones and patterns were created and donned by many a Victorian home.

William Morris

Through developing many other products and working on interiors schemes (including one for the V&A’s own dining room), Morris also mastered many other areas of design – as well as finding time to be a social activist and celebrated author.

These prints have truly stood the test of time and today, as we still look to the natural world for inspirational interior colour schemes in our own homes, there is nothing comparable to Morris & Co designs to adorn your home. The brand has lovingly recreated patterns from the design archives. As well as collaborations with artists like Ben Pentreath to reimagine for today. Earlier in 2022 the brand launched 40 paint colours to coordinate with the wallpapers. Based on the Morris’ historic colour recipes and documents from the extensive Design Archive.

William Morris Upholstery

We are delighted to offer the Morris & Co collection at On the Square Emporium. We can help you find a timeless and contemporary scheme that will give every interior an authentic, nature-inspired look. Whether it be wallpaper, paint or fabric.

Discover the range below; and come visit us instore to experience the full collection in our Heritage Department and talk to our team about how we can bring Morris & Co to your home.

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