Decorating with Colour – Using antiques is a great way to achieve a colourful effect in your home. Age and patina bring texture, creating a softness and show beautiful colours aged by time. We tend not to worry about wear as a lovely weathered patina can be a lovely addition to a piece.

Soften any hard edges of industrial pieces or dark wood items that you have with pale fabrics in tactile materials. Contrast is key. A soft linen makes what was once an industrial work bench into an elegant dining table. Similarly, beautifully shaped ceramics add softer layers to a room.

With mixing-and-matching of styles and shapes, it’s easiest to stick to a one or two colour theme. Lively colours such as brick orange or muted green will add warmth; wheat cream or light grey will create a muted backdrop for colourful accents.
When you are curating a bookshelf of memorabilia, put things together that work in harmony so that the look is eclectic and personal.

And if you’re feeling REALLY adventurous, you could add patterns that include your chosen feature colours. Mix & match a few patterns, but keep the colours the same to add harmony.

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