First up in our artist area is the wonderful Gary Jackson and his outstanding hand painted advertising mirrors. These mirrors are all back painted by Gary with stunning results.

The handmade frames are created by the artist from pine lengths which are rebated or shaped. Sometimes they will be put in a media blaster to bring out the grain effects. Then they will be burnt and stained alternatively until the artist is happy with the effect. They are then French polished and a plywood back is applied.

Each of the advertising mirrors is made in its own unique way and some include techniques such as glue chipping and deep etching.


  • Glue chipped glass is glass that has been etched and covered in warm, wet hyde skin glue. As the glue cools it attaches to the rough etched glass. Once the glue is dry/hard (to the same hardness as the glass) it is then put into an oven and baked dry. As this is happenng the glue (which is harder than the glass) , shrinks and rips shards off the surface off the glass in a fern-like random pattern.This process can take between 7-40 hours depending on the thickness of the glue.
  • Deep etching is where the artist etches deep into the glass from behind to bring the writing closer to the front surface. This gives it a nice 3D effect once the gold leaf is applied.