Perfectly Imperfect, in every way – Reimaging with Reupholstery

It’s hard to believe, but we have been collecting and upcycling vintage furniture for a decade! And now, more than ever it feels more relevant. Better for the environment than chucking it all out, not to mention the heritage aspect; old stuff tells a good story. The imperfections show a life lived & bring instant warmth to an interior.

Eco-conscious or style-conscious, one type of antique-upcycle suits almost anyone… REUPHOLSTERY. This is one area that is steadily increasing at our store. It allows you to be the stylist – choosing your fabric and style.

Of course, there’s always some knocks and bumps on vintage or antique pieces, but rather than fixing them up, embrace the imperfections on the wood! It shows the life lived of the piece, while the new upholstery gives it new lease of life.
We have a huge range of fabrics and styles, and most recently have added the Morris &Co range, from Sanderson. These are a range of designs that were originally created 150years ago! The company now keep reimaging the designs in new modern colours.

Reupholstering a treasured piece is a wonderful way to update an antique. With so much choice of amazing fabric designs out there, the hardest part is choosing!

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