No. It’s not an affliction, it is Pinterest’s new term for us eclectic stylist types! (yes, I am including you in this group along with us!) 

I know you love to find a cool vintage pieces, as much as we do. Sometimes finding a spot for it is tough. That’s why we have to be flexible and creative when it comes to styling with vintage. And this Hipstoric style is all about that… 

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“In 2023, people will find new ways to honour old things in their homes. People are combining vintage pieces with modern styles.” Pinterest Predicts 

So, what exactly is a hipstoric home? And how to get it? 

Many of us are looking for ways to make our homes unique to us. Especially since Covid 19, there has been a huge shift towards people rejecting the mass-produced, in favour of more sustainable, authentic, and meaningful interiors. Creating soulful spaces that merge personality and vintage nostalgia.

It’s been a ‘thing’ for a while, but now it’s got a cool name!

Hipstoric is basically this; re-imagining vintage and hand-me-down pieces in a modern way.

Have a newly built apartment or house? An antique sofa or mahogany cabinet could seem out of place on its own, but combine it with a vintage coffee table, add a Persian rug or decorate with more contemporary cushions and furnishings and it becomes a centrepiece rather than the odd one out. 

Adding vintage prints or new artwork with antique frames also adds a characterful feel to a more contemporary home.  

Or maybe you have a 1920s Edwardian terrace house but you prefer a sleeker look with cleaner lines. Then you might redesign the rear with a high-gloss kitchen extension but conserve the stained-glass window, ceiling beams or original brick as a feature.  

Combining vintage and antique styles with modern trends or placing antique pieces in a more modern style of home, is the hipstoric way. Or really just a nice way of getting what you want, with what you have! 


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Of course, you don’t have to go all out with the interior style; you could also play about with ‘hipstoric styling’ by adding vintage accessories. For example, using a mix of new & old for table settings such as that seen here. The modern check tablecloth provides a nice contrast to the vintage crockery. 

Antique or vintage lamps and vases; antique plates with coordinating designs on them; antique clocks or retro glassware all bring a touch of history and the eclectic design that the hipstoric trends calls for.  

So, the next time you see something you love, but your thought is ‘it doesn’t suit my house’… think again!