We’re talking all things chocolate brown…

At the end of last year, I posted a journal post about the Colour of the Year describing how many of the 2023 colours are influenced by NATURE. Same goes for the variety of browns coming on board this year.

NATURE IS INSPIRING! But you knew this already. The calming, supportive, coordinated tones in nature are ideal for home interiors. Especially after a few unsettling years out in the world.

Its not only in the wall colours though, the furniture, soft furnishings and homewares are getting a nature-toned blast.

Now saying all this, we really don’t want to be going too 1990’s – think beige walls, caramel carpet, brown leather sofas, gold-beige cushions… a bit like Joey & Chandlers apartment in Friends in fact…. 🙂

NO, no, no… in the ‘new-age of brown’, they are a classier and the addition of antique and vintage brown creates a layered look with their lovely patina.

Here are 2 rooms of our house where we recently injected some browns!

We used Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon on the woodwork to enhance the soft and natural look we were going for. The brighter shades in the rug add some contrast.

In the kitchen, we get rid of the greys and went for the softer and brighter tone of Tallow alongside Card Room Green and Tanners brown for some of the woodwork.

Get some inspiration from the fab @selinalake (picture right) and the Morris & Co range of nature-inspired designs that we have in store.

With all tones of the chocolate rainbow are being celebrated – this also goes for furniture – all the colours, all the woods, in all the eras.  So don’t limit yourself to one – mix them all!

And of course the ever-present theme of being more sustainable is a wonderful silver lining, when you buy an antique or vintage piece.

On THIS trend, we have your back…. check out the NEW IN online.

Jill x