A new season is a time for change, and your home is no exception. As you begin your yearly frenzied Spring clear out, you’re sure to want to refresh your space with the season’s hottest trends. The question is: how can you do this without feeding into overconsumption? We’ve got you covered. Here’s some tips on how to stay stylishly sustainable this Spring.  

1. Stick with the classics

In a world where micro-trends fall out of favour as fast as they appear, it’s tempting to swap out your decor for the latest big thing. However, this can be terrible for the planet (and it’s not great for your wallet either!).  

The important thing to remember is that some things never go out of style. When it comes to Spring, florals are staple that returns year after year.  

Our selection of beautiful prints from Print~Sisters are a great example of how timeless floral motifs can be. These prints come from an archive of textile works, some of which is more than 100 years old. After all this time these designs still have appeal, so they’re sure to be a staple of your decor for years to come.

2. Buy upcycled items

If you like the idea of supporting antique and vintage furniture, but want something that’s more your style, why not try upcycling?  

Upcycling brings new life to old items, keeping them from landfill and giving them a contemporary flair. We offer a range of meticulously reupholstered furniture pieces that will add a pop of colour to your home this Spring.  

If you already have something at home that could use sprucing up, our Morris & Co fabrics may be just the thing. These come in a range of eye-catching prints and are bound to make you fall in love with your old furniture again!  

3. Invest in pieces that last

One of the main problems with fast-furniture is the low quality of the products. This means that not only is over-production harming the planet, but customers are not getting value for their money in terms of product lifespans.  

Many of us find ourselves repurchasing the same plastic kitchenware for our Spring and Summer picnics, but there are sustainable alternatives available. Falcon Enamelware is not only timelessly elegant, but also incredibly hard-wearing. It is resistant to chemicals, burns, and breaks, eliminating the necessity for constant replacement.  

4. Support handmade & fairtrade

Sustainability isn’t just about benefitting the planet, but the people behind your products too. We believe that ethically made, artisan products are the way forward to a better future for all.  

Products from The Basket Room are a great way to spruce your home up for Spring while also supporting ethical production. Mixed materials in interior design are all the rage right now. These baskets, handwoven from sisal grass, could be the very texture your home is missing.  

These baskets are not only well made and long-lasting, but also unique. The label of every product from The Basket Room includes the name and photo of the craftsperson behind it.  

5. Shop antique and vintage

Second-hand products are the perfect way to shop sustainably while also getting a unique piece for your home. Antique and vintage furniture has already lasted decades before making its way to you, ensuring its durability.  

At OTSE, 80% of our products are diverted from going to landfill. We are dedicated to preserving and refurbishing timeless pieces, from Victorian to mid-century. Maybe you’ll find the very thing to complete your Spring revamp.  

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