Furniture Oil

A very common problem with antique furniture is surface scratches.

To pay a furniture restorer to repair a scratch can be expensive.

However, if you don’t want to restore your furniture to new, but just want to make it look nice again, there is a very simple solution: Furniture Oil.

We use a special blend of clear oil here at On The Square Emporium, but most good hardware stores will have a selection of brands to choose from.

Dab a little oil on a soft cloth.

Rub over the scratch.








Buff it dry to a soft sheen.








Oil isn’t just for scratches: you can apply the oil to a whole cabinet; buff it off, and you’ll really notice a big difference in the appearance of your furniture, bringing a brighter soft sheen to the whole surface area.

Oil is easier to apply than furniture wax; it nourishes the timber; and applied on bare wood it is water-resistant and heat-resistant, leaving you with a harder-wearing and more durable surface.

Watch Brian show you how to use it here:

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