Create your own vintage oasis of garden calm with a few choice pieces, in even the smallest of spaces.

Plants, wildflowers, succulents, and greenery of any kind is very much still in vogue as part of home interior styling. And all this greenery is perfect for creating a warm, comfortable, soft and calm space.

Quick Tips

Whether you have a garden, a yard, a patio or even a simple corner in your home that gets some warm rays, you can easily create a space with vintage nostalgia with these quick tips….

Using vintage collectables and salvage pieces for your plants or cut flowers provides an instant relaxed and wistful tone to an area. Items such as galvanised metal watering cans or buckets; an old birdcage or woven baskets; also wicker and cane pieces add a beautiful charm and sentimental feel.

Larger Spaces

For larger spaces perhaps an ageing bathtub, cut barrels, even blue & white Victorian toilets all make for quirky planters. The aged patina, flaking paint or rusty edges add to the charm! And make your area look as if it always been there.

Garden Climbers

For garden climbers you might try old gates, vintage garden tools hung on the wall or an old set wooden ladders as the backdrop for the Wisteria, Clematis or Jasmine climbers.

And with outdoor rugs becoming a huge trend – your space will easily become an extension to your home.

Now, just add SUN!

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