Yes – they are back. Again.
Stripes have been an on-off favourite for centuries; as far back as Napoleon in fact!
They really are a pattern that never truly goes out of style (Just ask T.G. Green Cornishware!)  and are often referred to as a classic look, but the current trend is for a more fearless kind – colourful, quirky, fun & bold. 

Upholstery is a brilliant place for a bold stripe, but if you really want to take the trend to a new level, a wallpaper can look pretty fabulous, just see above!

Earthy tones of kilims and jajims which are often woven in striped motifs, never go out of favour either, and these lend a warmth and texture to any space.

If you are thinking of updating a room with a pattern, I’ve got some tips for you on the stripy kind 🙂

• Wider stripes in bright, saturated colours make a statement. Striped accessories pop against solid backgrounds offer an easier way of adding the pattern if you aren’t ready for a wall or upholstered stripe.

• Mixing different stripe orientations (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) creates an eye-catching look.

• Stripes have versatility across styles. They can add a casual, nautical vibe or feel modern and graphic in bolder colours and placements.

• For those who find stripes busy or headache-inducing!! – try adding just one striped statement piece like a chair, ottoman-table or rug would give you a bit more subtlety.

For a kids room or playroom you could drive your decorator crazy, by adding circus stripes, like we did here: 

…A circus-themed stripy ceiling!



Overall, stripes make for an easy way to incorporate bold, eye-catching colour and pattern. The key is to not be afraid of them! They instantly add an energetic, lively vibe. Start by incorporating stripes in accessories first if you’re unsure. But don’t be surprised if you end up loving it and going for that striped wall next!

And you could even match your fashion style with the look by wearing your new, trendy, Breton-striped top. Lol.



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