ReFound launches a series of exhibitions in the new store!

Leanne McCormack is the first artist/maker in this new series of exhibitions for REFOUND@OnTheSquare. ReFound recently opened a concessions area within On The Square Emporium, with ethical and sustainable product lines. Upcycling is still a core element, so you will find products and furniture that have been reimaged or redesigned in store also.

Leanne McCormack’s work:

To create this series of unique, handmade butterflies and beetles, Leanne McCormack found a new use and life for rusted tins, embracing the ethos of Refound!
Leanne says of her work, “In repurposing, what are normally throw away items, I have given them a new lease of life. Each piece of art is completely original and unique, as I use the patterns and textures on the metal, that nature and the elements create over time.”

She hand pierced, cut and formed butterflies and various kinds of beetles, from the Five-horned rhinoceros beetle, to Scarab and Jewel beetles….

Prices – £110 – £175