This is the question we are faced with at home, at the moment! 
Have you ever pondered this when doing some new decorating? WE have a wonderful bay window in our bedroom that needs some new furnishings. As with most old houses (ours is Victorian), there is a constant stream of things to do. Or as the lady we bought the house from said to me once, ‘there’s always something to look forward to do!’ lol. And that’s where we are currently – in a phase of re-doing, filling cracks, fixing damp spots, and lastly redesigning the décor!
Now, I love a roman blind, and we have a several in our rooms, but for our bedroom, I just love the swish, softness, and warmth that a set of curtains provides.

As you can imagine, we have a few pieces of antique furniture in the room, therefore I want the soft furnishings to provide a softer touch to balance out the feel of the room. I’m also intending to add a soft pick and sage green in there – so that will help!  

So that’s my first question answered – now onto the style and colour of fabric..!  

I’ll keep you updated! Check Instagram for more 🙂 

If you are in the same quandary, here are a few thoughts on choosing between roman blinds and curtains for a bay window in your home… 

  • Curtains can look very elegant and luxurious in bay windows, letting soft folds of the fabric frame the window. The draping effect softens the edges and creates a cosy, enveloping feel. 
  • Roman blinds have a more tailored, modern look. They stack up neatly when opened and provide good light control. If you want a cleaner, sharper aesthetic, roman blinds may be your answer. 
  • Curtains can make a room feel more spacious, while roman blinds show more of the window framing, giving a stronger architectural focus. 
  • The décor and overall style you want will help you decide. Curtains tend to suit traditional, romantic or ornate styles well, whereas blinds often lend themselves to a more contemporary look. Much like the feel of the room that I want to create, curtains will help me soften the overall décor. 

Other things to consider will be the lighting, privacy, effort, visual impact and cost!  

Both can look beautiful, so go with what fulfills your goals and design vision! 

Check out the Sanderson fabrics we have in store, or can order samples of for your window treatments.  

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