Spotlight from HMS Ark Royal (R09)


A working spotlight salvaged from the superstructure of one of Britain’s iconic aircraft carrier Ark Royal (R09) [1950-1980]

Ark Royal (R09) was built by Cammel Laird shipyard of Birkinhead and Sheffield, and launched in 1950; the ship was the star of major 1970’s BBC documentary series ‘Sailor’ (remember Rod Stuart theme tune ‘I am Sailing’).
Ark Royal left Devonport in September 1980 under tow to be scrapped at Cairnryan near Stanraer in Scotland; breaking up took the next three years, a period during which many ex-crew travelled to the breakers jetty to watch the ship being dismantled; and many returned with souvenirs of Ark Royal, including this spotlight.  The anchor of Ark Royal, and that of her sister ship ‘Eagle’ can be seen outside the Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton.

Spotlight dimensions: the glass has a diameter of 27cm; the width of the frame at its widest point is 45cm; the height from deck mounting is 70cm; the depth required for the tilt mechanism below deck mounting position is 60cm; the depth from front to back at the lamp is 25cm.
The spotlight has a long (60cm) protruding down-member that operates the tilt and turn mechanism.  The light works, it is PAT-tested, and is fitted ready for use with a 13 amp plug


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