Duck-egg-blue Kashmir Rug [QE10]



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Beautifully soft Duck-egg-blue Kashmir Rug with traditional tree of life pattern.

Dimensions: 190 x 140cm.

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Read more about using Tree of Life motif in interior design.

The tree of life is an interesting concept – in a sense, all trees other than dead ones are “of life”, just as all thriving flora and fauna are. More specifically, though, the motif refers not to a tree that is alive as much as one from which life itself stems. It is both a religious and philosophical symbol, with various different meanings, most of which are positive (creation, plenty, rest and rebirth, say) but some that have more adverse undertones (the tree in the Garden of Eden, for example).

A vast range of cultures and religions centre a tree of some sort within their creation myths, and this is an obvious place to start in any overview of the motif. As far back as the Assyrian Near East – i.e. forty or so centuries ago, or 2000 years before Christ – people were carving tree designs into the friezes that adorned Assyrian palace walls.

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