A man unwrapping a gift

Father’s Day shopping can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are five reasons to choose antique this Father’s Day.

1. Thoughtfulness

Too often typical Father’s Day gifts tend to be whatever shower gel set was on offer at the chemist. Why not break tradition by opting for something more personal?

Choosing antique means that your gift will be unique and show your father figure that you put some thought into it. You can take into consideration his hobbies and interests and give him something he will cherish.

For example, if a man in your life is a fishing enthusiast, he would be thrilled to receive any of our fish-related items.

2. Nostalgia

Antique and vintage pieces can hold special significance for people who have fond memories associated with these items. You may even reunite them with something they used to have!

This means you are not only gifting an object, but a tactile memory for your recipient. These pieces of Guinness history will transport many fathers and grandfathers back in time. They’re sure to thank you for it!

3. Longevity

The average quick-fix Father’s Day gift probably won’t last very long. Antiques, on the other hand, have already proven their high quality by standing the test of time.

Choosing antique is choosing longevity. Not only are the pieces durable, but timeless in style. An antique gift is one that your father will cherish for years to come.

Our range of antique and vintage whisky mirrors would make a perfect long-lasting addition to a home bar or man cave.

4. Conversation Pieces

Choosing antique this Father’s Day is about more than the gift itself. It’s also about facilitating special moments between you and your loved one.

Antiques provoke curiosity and start conversations. In exploring the memories associated with an antique gift, you and your family can create new memories too.

If your goal is to start a conversation, something from our unusual and unique section might take your fancy.

5. Environmental Impact

If your family is concerned with being eco-friendly, an antique gift is the perfect choice. Antiques are the future of sustainability and a great alternative to mass-produced items with a low lifespan.

Still stuck for ideas?

We asked some of the dads who work at OTSE what item they would love to receive for Father’s Day.

Justin picked out this quirky and affordable piece of taxidermy: a baby alligator!
He would also be happy with a whisky jug or a piece of art from our featured artists PaddyDraws and Paul Gallagher.

Rob said his ideal gift would be a vintage/antique weapon – particularly a sword.

Some dads we asked couldn’t decide, so they went for an On the Square Emporium gift card. It’s the perfect gift if you’re still struggling to pick something out.

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