Irish Names of Places, by PW Joyce LLD [1901]


The complete three-volume classic set of books published in Dublin by Phoenix Press, dated for 1901.

Volume One is personally inscribed [in Irish] by the original owner dated for 1910

Dimensions: 13 cm x 18.7 cm. Original Hardcovers with gilt image on cover and lettering on spine. Good condition commensurate with age with only very minor signs of wear.

Topics include: The Topography of Ireland; Origin of local names; philosophy of language; list of the principal historical and topographical works on Ireland published in the twenty years before this book; the Irish Local Name system – how the meanings have been ascertained, systematic changes, corruptions, false Etymologies; the antiquity of local Irish names; historical events; historical personages; early Irish saints – St. Brecan, St. Ide (often called the Irish Brigid of Munster), St. Ciaran of Clonmacnoise, St. Ciaran of Ossory, St. Finnian; Cape Clear Island; St. Molaga of Templemolaga near Mitchelstown in Cork; legends; Fairies, Demons, Goblins and Ghosts; customs; agriculture and pasturage; subdivisions and measures of land; numerical combinations; habitations and fortresses; ecclesiastical edifices; monuments, graves and cemeteries; towns and villages; fords, weirs and bridges; roads and causeways; mills and kilns; mountains, hills and rocks; plains, valleys, hollows and caves; islands, peninsulas and strands; water, lakes and springs; rivers, streamlets and waterfalls; marshes and bogs; animals; plants etc.; the growth of words; diminutives; borrowed words; poetical and fancy names; diseases and cures – Plague, Leprosy, Jaunice etc.; offices and trades – Gallowglasses and Kerns, Ceithern; strangers; Irish personal and family names Mac Aedha, O’hAedha, Magee, Eoghan, Dunowen etc.; articles of manufacture – chariots and cars, the Chariot of Cuchulainn; boundaries and fences; various artificial works; The Sun; The Atmosphere; The Sea; colours; the animal kingdom; the vegetable kingdom, etc, etc, etc….

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The three volumes of ‘Irish Names of Places’ by PW Joyce LLD, the classic works that explain the phonetic laws under which Irish place names were anglicised.
These three volumes are in fair condition, the binding is still good, and the spines are intact, making them a desirable addition to any serious Irish book collector’s library.

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