1871 Snider Enfield Rifle [working condition]


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Snider-Enfield breech-loading rifle, capable of firing 10 rounds per minute.
The muzzle velocity for original black power load is 1250ft/s, with an effective firing range of 600yds, and a maximum range of 2000 yards.
The Snider pattern breech used a new type of metal-cased Boxer cartridge; the breech block is houses a diagonally downward-sloping firing pin struck with a front-action lock mounted hammer.
To load the rifle, the user cocked the hammer, flipped the block out of the receiver, and pulled the block back to extract the used spent case; there is no ejector, so the firer had to either lift the out the case manually, or (more usually) flip the weapon and shake out the hot case.
The aim is achieved through a flip-up sliding-ramp rear sight and fixed-post front sight.
The Snider-Enfield rifle saw extensive service throughout the British Empire: British Colonial Wars; Anglo-Ashanti wars; New Zealand wars; Fenian Raids; Haw Wars; Boshin War; Red River Rebellion; Russo-Turkish War; Anglo-Zulu War; First Boer War; North-West Rebellion; and even World War 1.